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Education, Empowerment, Equality: How to Deal with Master-Suppression Techniques

What it means "master-suppression techniques"?

  • The concept of master-suppression techniques was first coined by Berit Ås, Norwegian scholar of Social Psychology, politician and feminist activist.
  • In Norwegian, the term hersketeknikker is well-known and widely used. There have been several attempts to translate the term into English, such as master-suppression techniques and domination techniques.
  • All these terms refer to techniques, actions and behavior used consciously or unconsciously to put people down.
  • People of all genders use such techniques from time to time, and both men, women and others may be exposed to them. However, the occurrence of domination techniques should be understood in the context of power relations in society. Often it is the stronger, most privileged, part who use domination techniques against a person with less power.
  • Berit Ås noticed and named the phenomenon of domination techniques while working in a male-dominated workplace during the 1970s. She experienced gender-based discrimination, and she fought back.

Materials about master-suppression techniques

  • Within international project Education, Empowerment, Equality: How to Deal with Master-Suppression Techniques we have produced several informational and educational materials about these techniques. Materials are available in English, Norwegian and Polish.
  • Materials in Czech can be downloaded from the Czech project site.

Brochure about master-suppression techniques

Educational set

     This set includes:

Videos (available with English, Czech, Norwegian and Polish subtitles):

Women politicians: