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Expert articles

Fórum 50 %'s experts regularly produce or participate in writing articles. Below you can find links to some English ones.

Markéta Mottlová: Czech Social Democrats and Adoption of Party Gender Quotas: Window of Opportunity and Effect of Quotas (2018)

Markéta Mottlová: Cracks in the glass ceiling: Women in regional and local V4 politics (2016)

Veronika Šprincová: Men in charge: V4 politics still a men’s club (2016)

Jana Smiggels Kavková, Veronika Šprincová: We Can Do It! Empowering Women, Challenging Conservative Backlash, and Combating Gender Stereotypes in Czech Republic (2015)

Veronika Šprincová: Achievements and Failures of Female MEPs from the Czech Republic: 10 Years in the EU from a Gender Perspective (2014)

Marcela Adamusová, Veronika Šprincová: Talking Gender Quotas in the Czech Republic (2013)