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Let's make politics female

The project lasted two years and brought together partner organisations from four different countries: Active Women Association from Poland, Women´s Committee of the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia from Finland, Fórum 50 % from the Czech Republic and AENAO from Greece. The aim we all shared was to increase women´s participation in politics. By sharing our knowledge and experience, by learning from each other and from others and by creating a vivid network across the four countries. We had the great opportunity to learn more about each others countries, the position of women in the society and in politics, about its culture and much more. We found out that many things are very similar, yet many of them differ. We discovered that reaching the ideal of equality of women and men is a difficult long term goal which still needs a lot of effort, even in an advanced country like Finland. These efforts often face strong resistance in the society: changing the deep rooted gender stereotypes is a difficult task.

We focused on three main issues:
1. Coalitions nad networking
2. Campaigns
3. Gender Training

There was a seminar dedicated to each of these topics and you can find a lot of interesting information about them here on this website. We hope that it will be useful for anybody who wants, such as we do, support women´s greater engagement in politics. Modern democracy cannot do without women

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