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About us

Basic information about Forum 50 %:

NGO Forum 50 % was founded as a civic organization in June 2004 by a small group of young people who were concerned about the unsatisfactory situation in the Czech Republic regarding the fact that women are under-represented in all fields of public life. In December 2010 this civic organization established public service company of the same name. The reason for this change was raising transparency of the organization and improving its position in legal system.

Who is who in the organization:

Executive Director: Jana Smiggels Kavková
Deputy Director, Fundraiser: Halka Jaklová
Finacial Manager: Michal Šmíd
Project Coordinators: Marcela Adamusová, Monika Klimentová, Veronika Šprincová, Karolína Silná, Markéta Mottlová
Office Manager: Milan Posadovský


Executive Director

jana-smiggels-kavkova.jpgJana Smiggels Kavková

Jana Smiggels Kavková studied Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has been working for Fórum 50 % since 2005, in 2009 she has become the executive director. In 2011 she has been elected as the Chair of Czech Women´s lobby, an association of 22 women NGOs protecting women´s rights in the Czech Republic, which she also represents in The Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men. She also chairs The Commission for Equal Representation of Women and Men in Politics. These are advisory bodies of the government in the field of gender equality.

Deputy Director, Fundraiser

halka-jaklova.jpgHalka Jaklová

Halka Jaklová studied Faculty of Law Charles University in Prague and obtained a master degree. She spent most of her professional life in non-governmental organizations mostly as a project manager or expert, except of three years in advocacy. Main areas of her interest were rights of different disadvanteged groups of people like refugees, minorities, single parents or women. In january 2011 she started to work for Fórum 50 % - publically beneficial society oriented on equal participation of women and men in public life as a deputy of director and fundraiser.

Project Coordinator, PR Manager, Lecturer

marcela_adamusova_1.jpgMarcela Adamusová

Marcela Adamusová has been working in Fórum 50 % since July 2009. Her main responsibility are projects focused on gender equality on local level. She studied the master programme Gender Studies at Charles University in Prague. She is a representative of Fórum 50 % in an international coalition Social Watch where she also works as a PR manager. In her free time she plays violin in a rock band Pankix.

Project Coordinator, Analyst, Lecturer

veronika-sprincova.jpgVeronika Šprincová

Veronika Šprincová graduated in Gender Studies from the Department of Gender Studies of Charles University in Prague where she teaches a course focused on feminist theories and contemporary feminist discussions. Besides project coordination, lecturing and making analyses she studies political philosophy in a Ph.D. programme. Her dissertation is focused on feminist political philosophy. She represents Fórum 50 % in The Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men and is also a member of its Committee for the Institutional Safeguarding of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Project Coordinator, Event Manager, Local Development Consultant

monika-mala.jpgMonika Klimentová

Monika Klimentová studied master programme Regional Geography at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. After her graduation in 2006 she started her professional career in Forum 50 % where she was working for a year and then left to collect working and life experience elsewhere. After 5 years and giving birth to two daughters she happily came back to Forum 50 %. In her work she focuses on community (spatial) planning from the gender perspective.

Project Coordinator, Lecturer

Markéta Mottlová

Markéta Mottlová gained her Master degree in Political Theories and Contemporary History from the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague where she currently studies in a Ph.D. programme Political Science. She is interested in the concept of political representation and gender quotas in politics. In Forum 50 % she works as a project coordinator and lecturer. In the past she was a coordinator of Czech Women´s Lobby.

Board of Directors kopie-spravni-a-dozorci-rada.jpg

Tanweer Ali (Chair of the Board of Directors)

Marta Ricci

Petr Kutílek

Petra Ali Doláková

Lenka Bennerová

Marta Pišoft Kozáková

Board of Trustees

Renata Židlická (Chair of the Board of Directors)

Ondřej Horký Hlucháň

Jana Pattynová

Board of Advisors

Marie Čermáková sociologist, Deputy Chair the Supervisory Board of Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Mahulena Hofmannová professor of  international law, Univeristy of Giessen, Germany

Janina Hřebíčková – former Czech ambassador in Kosovo

Petra Janíčková manager

František Kostlán journalist, activist

Sláva Kubátová – Director of TC Business School

Monika Laušmanová – Director of Central Risk Management at Česká spořitelna

Petr Pavlík – Director of Institute of Master Degree Study Programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague

Rostya Gordon Smith HR manager

Vladimír Špidla – former EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Martin G. Špryňar – Secretary General in ČESMAD Bohemia

Eliška Wagnerová – Senator

Mission Statement: Forum 50 % strives for a society with equal representation of women and men in the public life.

2006 Election Campaign - Is the choise trully yours?Forum 50 % addresses the situation where the insufficient representation of women in political life influences the quality of democracy and has a negative impact on the functioning of Czech society. We consider the low representation of women in politics as a breach of democratic principles (equal representation of men and women is a basic condition of democracy – not its possible outcome) and we will support discussion and measures leading to its solution.


Our aim is to achieve equal representation of women and men in all decision- making positions, both elected and appointed ones. To reach this goal we support all women who want to entry into politics or who are already politically active. Our primary goal is to surpass the level of 30 % , which is the minimum representation any group needs to reach in order to be able to advance its interests and to stop being a discriminated minority. Our long-term goal is to reach pForum 50 % debatearity of men and women, which we consider to be the basic principle of democratic, pluralistic society. The main principle of our undertakings is apolitical approach - Forum 50 % is a strictly non-party association. We also work on a change of attitudes of Czech society towards women and men and their roles in public life. We further try to create equal and fair conditions for both women and men to participate in the decision making procedures. We are also realizing projects close to our main aim as implementing of Gender Budgeting etc.

Main activities:

1) For politiWomen-Friendly Party cal parties: assessment of ballots and agendas from the gender point of view; "Women-Friendly Party" competition; workshop in the Parliament: "Czech politics - Parity still far away"; reporting on the latest outcomes of our activities; opinion poll on the representation of women in Czech politics.

2) For women politicians: courses for women politicians and women interested in politics; Open University as a second level of political Courses for women politicianseducation; supporting a platform of women politicians "Česká prezidentka"; national meetings of regional women politicians

3) For the public and media: media campaigns to support women politicians in the elections, photo exhibitions, public discussions, press conferences, workshops for journalists, web site, conferences

4) Various analysis and publications: in cooperation with number of research institutes we publish analyses and studies on women's representation within decision-making processes with a special focus on the Czech political representation.

5) Cooperation with other NGOs in the Czech Republic, associated in the platform Czech Women's Lobby (Forum 50 % is currently presiding CWL), which  protects women's rights in the Czech Republic.
Press conference
Forum 50 % has become a think-tank which creates a progressive stream in the Czech society. The main characteristis is the non-partisan approach. The NGO cooperates with academic sector, media, civil society. Besides its employees Forum 50 % has few interns and volunteers.

Our projects

You can also download our Annual Report 2006Annual Report 2007, Annual Report 2008Annual Report 2009, Annual Report 2010, Annual Report 2011 and Annual Report 2012.


Forum 50 %, Plzenska 846/66, 150 00 Prague 5


Jana Smiggels Kavková, Executive Director
Tel.: 00420 257 216 170
GSM: 00420 774 411 151
E-mail: kavkova(@)padesatprocent.cz

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